The Sleeper Awakes

H·G·韦尔斯 H.G. Wells
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当沉睡者觉醒(The Sleeper Awakes)简介:

In The Sleeper Awakes, an insomniac falls into a sleep-like trance for more than two hundred years, and awakes in a society in which the oppressed masses cling desperately to one dream—that the sleeper will awake and lead them all to freedom.This isn't one of the most famous books in Well's canon, lacking the classic status awarded to books like War of the Worlds, The Time Machine, and The Invisible Man. The Sleeper Awakes is a good book, though not one on par with those works. It drags in some places, but is on the whole interesting for it's fairly unique (for the time; like many Wells novels, this has a central plotline that has been re-done by many a faceless SF author since.) Also, the vision of the future presented here is an interesting and slightly novel one, which Wells himself, in the introduction, admits to being one that will almost certainly never come to pass, which makes this book's warning not as clear as say, 1984's or Fahrenheit 451's, but is nevertheless notable. Thus, the novel is entertaining, and, in spots, fast-paced. Recommended for the Wells fan, newcomers to the father of science fiction should start elsewhere.


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  • 当沉睡者觉醒 The Sleeper Awakes