The Lost Symbol

丹·布朗 Dan Brown
失落的秘符(The Lost Symbol)简介:

Let's start with the question every Dan Brown fan wants answered: Is The Lost Symbol as good as The Da Vinci Code? Simply put, yes. Brown has mastered the art of blending nail-biting suspense with random arcana (from pop science to religion), and The Lost Symbol is an enthralling mix. And what a dazzling accomplishment that is, considering that rabid fans and skeptics alike are scrutinizing every word.

The Lost Symbol begins with an ancient ritual, a shadowy enclave, and of course, a secret. Readers know they are in Dan Brown territory when, by the end of the first chapter, a secret within a secret is revealed. To tell too much would ruin the fun of reading this delicious thriller, so you will find no spoilers here. Suffice it to say that as with many series featuring a recurring character, there is a bit of a formula at work (one that fans will love). Again, brilliant Harvard professor Robert Langdon finds himself in a predicament that requires his vast knowledge of symbology and superior problem-solving skills to save the day. The setting, unlike other Robert Langdon novels, is stateside, and in Brown's hands Washington D.C. is as fascinating as Paris or Vatican City (note to the D.C. tourism board: get your "Lost Symbol" tour in order). And, as with other Dan Brown books, the pace is relentless, the revelations many, and there is an endless parade of intriguing factoids that will make you feel like you are spending the afternoon with Robert Langdon and the guys from Mythbusters.

Nothing is as it seems in a Robert Langdon novel, and The Lost Symbol itself is no exception--a page-turner to be sure, but Brown also challenges his fans to open their minds to new information. Skeptical? Imagine how many other thrillers would spawn millions of Google searches for noetic science, superstring theory, and Apotheosis of Washington. The Lost Symbol is brain candy of the best sort--just make sure to set aside time to enjoy your meal.

  《失落的秘符》,又名《消失的符号》。哈佛大学符号学家罗伯特 兰登意外受邀在晚上到美国国会大厦做一个讲座。就在兰登到达的几分钟内,这一晚发生匪夷所思的变化。一个令人不安的物体在国会大厦内被发现,上面诡异的刻着五个符合。兰登知道这是一种古老的邀请方式。这时,兰登所敬爱的导师皮特 所罗门一个著名的共济会成员和慈善家被人残忍绑架。兰登认识到要想救出导师,必须接受这个神秘邀请,兰登立刻投入到一个神秘的世界中去。这一切都将把他拖入一个令人难以相信的秘密。


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