Success with Mathematics

希瑟·库克 Heather Cooke
战胜数学(Success with Mathematics)简介:

I found this to be an excellent book. It deserves a wide readership - teachers of mathematics in universities should read it and induction materials for new mathematics students should reference it. Heather Cooke and her team of contributors are to be congratulated on producing such an accessible, comprehensive and stimulating guide to the art and science of learning mathematics. - Dr Rod Haggarty, Oxford Brookes University

Heather Cooke has written an excellent book. Indeed, I couldnt help thinking by the end that I could have done with something just like this when I began studying as an undergraduate mathematician myself many years ago. - Dr Linda Haggarty, The Open University

Success with Mathematics is aimed at anyone, not just physicists, enrolled on a degree programme that involves some mathematical content. - Physical Sciences Educational Reviews, Higher Education Academy

Many students find the leap between school and university level mathematics to be significantly greater than they expected. Success with Mathematics has been devised and written especially in order to help students bridge that gap. It offers clear, practical guidance from experienced teachers of mathematics in higher education on such key issues as how to study; using calculators; learning by doing; studying with technology; preparing for examinations and much, much more.



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