Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

J.K.罗琳 J.K. Rowling
哈利·波特与火焰杯(Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire)简介:
The book opens with Harry Potter having a dream about Frank Bryce, the ex-caretaker at the Riddle family mansion, who is caught eavesdropping on a deformed Lord Voldemort and his servant, Peter Pettigrew. In Harry's dream, Bryce is killed by Voldemort. Later in the summer, Harry, Hermione Granger, and the Weasley family take a trip to the Quidditch World Cup. While they are at the Cup, Death Eaters, Voldemort's servants, storm the grounds and leave their dark mark in the sky.

Back at Hogwarts Albus Dumbledore announces during the welcoming feast that the school will host the Triwizard Tournament, an inter-school competition. One student from each of three magical schools will be chosen by the Goblet of Fire to compete. The other two magical institutions, Beauxbatons Academy, and Durmstrang Institute, arrive at Hogwarts two months into the school term. The champions chosen by the goblet were: Fleur Delacour from Beauxbatons, Viktor Krum of Durmstrang, and Cedric Diggory of Hogwarts. Mysteriously, Harry is also chosen, even though he did not submit his name, and is underage and ought to have been magically blocked from doing so. Ron Weasley is instantly infuriated, thinking Harry submitted himself.

The new Defense Against the Dark Arts professor is Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody, a former Auror and Dumbledore's friend. He teaches his students the three Unforgivable Curses in class, a lesson which is illegal. Those curses are the Imperius Curse, which forces the victim to do the caster's bidding; the Cruciatus Curse, a spell that tortures its victim; and the killing curse called Avada Kedavra. Harry learns he is the only known person to have survived the Killing Curse, cast against him by Voldemort when Harry was a baby.

In the first task of the tournament, the champions each are to retrieve a golden egg from a dragon, which contains a clue for the second task. Harry completes the task with help from Rubeus Hagrid and Professor Moody. The second tournament task requires retrieving something important taken from each champion hidden in the Black Lake. Ten minutes before the task, Harry is given gillyweed by Dobby the house elf so he can breathe underwater. Harry finds the four “important objects” of the tournament's contestants: Ron, Hermione, Cho, and Fleur’s little sister, Gabrielle Delacour. He is forced to rescue Gabrielle along with Ron when Fleur does not come, which causes him to lose the challenge, but he gain points for ‘moral fibre.'

One night after the second task, Harry and Krum are startled when a disheveled Barty Crouch, Sr. emerge from the forest, mumbling nonsense and demanding to see Dumbledore. Harry runs for help, but when he returns with Dumbledore, they find Krum unconscious and Crouch missing. Harry learns more about the Crouches when he sees one of Dumbledore's memories in the Pensieve, a memory storing tool. The memory shows Barty Crouch, Jr, a Death Eater, sentenced to Azkaban by Barty Crouch Sr for torturing Frank and Alice Longbottom (Neville's parents) into insanity.

The third and final tournament task involves navigating a large maze located on the Quidditch Pitch which is filled with magical obstacles. Harry and Cedric successfully help each other navigate the maze. They reach the Triwizard cup and agree to take hold of it simultaneously, making both of them the winners. The Cup turns out to be a portkey that transports them to an old graveyard in Little Hangleton. Pettigrew and a deformed Lord Voldemort, are there. Pettigrew kills Diggory, and ties Harry's hands and feet to the Riddle tombstone. He then uses a bone from Voldemort's father's grave, some of Harry's blood, and his own cut-off hand in a magical ritual that restores Lord Voldemort to a new body.

Voldemort summons Death Eaters, and reveals that a servant of his at Hogwarts ensured that Harry would participate in the tournament, win it, and thus be brought to the graveyard. Harry tries to disarm Voldemort with the Expelliarmus spell, at exactly the same time as Voldemort uses the killing curse. The two curses meet and interlock, causing a bond between the wands that displays the "echoes" (described by Dumbledore) of Voldemort's most recent murdered victims, including Cedric, James and Lily Potter. The "echoes" provide protection to Harry, allowing him to escape with Cedric's body and leaving Voldemort behind in a rage.

Harry, carrying Cedric's body, returns to the school grounds. Moody rushes Harry to his office, where he reveals that he was Voldemort's servant, and attempts to kill Harry himself. Moody is stopped by Dumbledore, Severus Snape, and Minerva McGonagall. Dumbledore feeds Moody Veritaserum, and they discover that "Moody" is actually Barty Crouch, Jr., who was smuggled out of Azkaban and was using a Polyjuice Potion to impersonate the real Alastor Moody. Cornelius Fudge, the Minister for Magic, arrives at Hogwarts accompanied by a Dementor. When the Dementor enters the room where Crouch, Jr. stands, it swoops down and gives him the “Dementor’s Kiss”, sucking out his soul. Fudge refuses to believe Dumbledore's and Harry's word that Voldemort is back.

Harry is crowned Triwizard Champion and awarded with 1,000 galleons. Days later, Dumbledore then makes an announcement at the gloomy Leaving Feast, telling everybody about Voldemort and saying that to deny the true way Cedric died would be 'an insult to his memory.' While leaving the Hogwart’s Express on King’s Cross Station, Harry gives his winnings to Fred and George to start a joke shop and Harry sets off for another summer at the Dursleys'.  噩梦的折磨使哈利(丹尼尔·拉德克里夫 饰)的伤疤比往常疼得更厉害,当有机会逃离这烦人的梦魇时,他决定同好友罗恩(鲁伯特·格林特 饰)和赫敏(艾玛·沃特森 饰)一道去观看魁地奇世界杯。
  但魁地奇宿营地的天空中却闪过了一丝邪恶――由其追随者食死徒们变出来的象征着万恶的伏地魔(拉尔夫·费因斯 饰)的黑魔标记。自从伏地魔于十三年前杀害哈利父母的那个晚上失踪后,食死徒们就再也未敢在公共场合露面。
  哈利渴望着回到霍格沃茨魔法学院,因为邓布利多教授(迈克尔·甘本 饰)可以保护他。但今年的形势却有些不一样。
  魔法部官员巴蒂·克劳奇(罗杰·洛伊德·派克 饰)和邓布利多教授主持了一场富含期许的烛光仪式,神奇的火焰杯从每个学校选出了一位参赛选手。在一串火花跳跃之后,火焰杯选中了德姆斯特朗的魁地奇超级明星威克多尔·克鲁姆(斯坦尼斯拉夫·伊万奈斯奇 饰)、布斯巴顿杰出的芙蓉·德拉库尔(克雷芒斯·博伊斯 饰)和霍格沃茨深受欢迎的全能型金童塞德里克·迪戈里(罗伯特·帕帝森 饰)。但离奇的是,火焰杯随后还吐出了最后一个名字:哈利·波特。
  当狗仔记者丽塔·斯基特(米兰达·理查森 饰)在其八卦专栏上开始为倒哈利·波特而煽风点火时,人们对他的怀疑和嫉妒蜂拥而至。连罗恩都开始相信他这位“爱出风头”的朋友使诈让火焰杯选了自己。
  邓布利多怀疑帮哈利报名的人欲将其置于死地,他吩咐新来的黑魔法防御术教授,古怪的阿拉斯托·“疯眼汉”·穆迪(布兰登·格利森 饰),用其高度敏感且有魔力的眼睛照看好哈利。
  对哈利来说,相比邀请可爱的秋·张(凯蒂·梁 饰)去圣诞舞会,对付龙、人鱼和格林迪洛不过小菜一碟。而且如果罗恩不是太粗心的话,他可能也会意识到自己对赫敏的感情发生了变化。 当有人在霍格沃茨的地盘上被谋杀后,事态开始向坏的方向变化。受到惊吓的哈利仍然被梦中所见的伏地魔所困扰,他找到了邓布利多。但即便是睿智的邓布利多也承认没有简单的答案。


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