American Revolution

斯图亚特·默里 Stuart Murray
美国独立战争(American Revolution)简介:

The American war for independence and its aftermath shaped the brand-new nation and provided many of the patriotic heroes and legends that are still celebrated today. In this handsome and informative addition to DK's Eyewitness series, many of the finer details of life during the Revolutionary War are explored, including, of course, the political backdrop, powerful leaders such as the young George Washington, and dramatic battles. This is no dry textbook, however. Readers will also discover exactly what kind of clothing soldiers wore, and see actual photos of weapons, snuff boxes, restored original fighting vessels, and the silver inkstand used by Congressional delegates as they signed the Declaration of Independence. Spy methods are described, Loyalists and patriots are defined, and the symbols and songs of war and freedom are explained. Even a subject as old and oft-told as the American Revolution is made fresh by D.K.'s compelling photos and enlightening text. Appetite whetted for more war stories? Take a look at these titles in the Eyewitness reference collection: World War II, Civil War, and Battle.



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  • 美国独立战争 American Revolution