Analytical Gas Chromatography, Second Edition

气相色谱分析 第2版
瓦尔特·詹宁斯 Walter Jennings
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气相色谱分析 第2版(Analytical Gas Chromatography, Second Edition)简介:

"Eminently readable...It is the sort of reference book that should be on the shelf of every laboratory that contains a gas chromatograph."
--Brian Bush, Wadsworth Laboratory, New York State Department in ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY
"The treatment is superb and complete. The authors style of writing makes the book easy to read and interesting. Thus, if you desire a well-written, interesting treatment on the practical considerations involved in gas chromatography, emphasizing the selection, installation, evaluation, application, and basis for the use of open tubular glass capillary columns, this book should be your choice."
--Peter F. Lott, University of Missouri-Kansas City in THE JOURNAL OF AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY -- Review



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  • 气相色谱分析 第2版 Analytical Gas Chromatography, Second Edition