阿瑟·黑利 Arthur Hailey

I'd like to give it 5 stars but it wasn't quite there. So few books are-- even the ones I see given 5 stars.

In this case my reason was the first half of the book. It had trouble picking up steam. The first couple pages were slow. And then it took off! From there, the story varied--up and down in excitement, in energy level, until, in the second half Hailey maintained his emotional intensity through to the end.

The book was predictive of things that had not yet happened and seemed unlikely but since publication have happened--like rolling blackouts. And things that probably will, like issuance of a gold-backed "New Dollar."

The hotel scene was very exciting. I found the parapalegic thing interesting and different. The main character far outdoes James Bond in the women department--without really trying.

The book's greatest drawback is this: Hailey does not always "deliver" as well as I would like. By "delivery" I mean the technical writing aspect of having something really blow up--showing it from three camera angles; having the villain get his or her just rewards in a way that is emotionally satisfying--after asking the reader to work through a long build up. It's the payoff for all the suspense. And though Overload delivers here in places, they aren't sustained as long as I would like. I want more emotional satisfaction. I want the AHHHHHHH!

Morally overall, Overload is very good, though it contains an unfortunate smidge of altruism and mysticism. I'm guessing Hailey is Jewish. Leaving those aspects out would have improved the book.

In total Overload was excellent. It should still be in print. There are so few of its kind: books about business with strong technical aspects--though here too he could have used a bit more extension and detail--though not all the way to say, Clancy.

I liked it. I would read another Hailey.


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