King Henry V

威廉·莎士比亚 William Shakespeare
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亨利五世(King Henry V)简介:
History play in five acts by William Shakespeare, performed in 1598-99 and published in 1600 in a quarto edition. It continues the action of the two-part Henry IV. The action of the play culminates in Henry's campaign in France with a ragtag army to seize the French crown, but the depiction of the character of Henry V (formerly known as Prince Hal) dominates the play. In the first two acts he is shown at peace and war, politic, angry, confident, sarcastic. There is an account of Falstaff's death and of a nervous watch before the Battle of Agincourt when Henry walks disguised among his fearful soldiers and prays for victory. Though almost all the fighting occurs offstage, the recruits, professional soldiers, dukes, and princes are shown preparing for defeat or victory. The king's speech to his troops before battle on St. Crispin's Day is famous for its evocation of a brotherhood in arms, but Shakespeare has placed it in a context full of ironies and challenging contrasts. There is no doubt that Kate, the French princess, marries Henry out of political necessity, but Shakespeare develops the comedy and earnestness of their wooing so that the need for human trust is evident. Shakespeare also hedges the patriotic fantasy of English greatness with hesitations and qualifications about the validity of the myth of glorious nationhood offered by the Agincourt story. In the end the chorus reminds the audience that England was to be plunged into civil war during the reign of Henry V's son.



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  • 亨利五世 King Henry V