The Diary of a Goose Girl

凯特·道格拉斯·维珍 Kate Douglas Wiggin
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牧鹅女日记(The Diary of a Goose Girl)简介:
Excerpt from book: This is followed by the gobble-gobble, moo-moo, baa- baa, etc., as long as the laureate's imagination and the infant's breath hold good. The tune is pretty and I do not know, or did not, when I was young, a more fascinating lyric. Thornycroft House must have belonged to a country The sitting kens gentleman once upon a time, or to more than one; men who built on a bit here and there once in a hundred years, until finally we have this charmingly irregular and dilapidated whole. You go up three steps into Mrs. Heaven's room, down two into mine, while Phoebe's is up in a sort of turret with long, narrow lattices opening into the creepers. There are crooked little staircases, passages that branch off into other passages and lead nowhere in particular; I can't think of a better house in which to play hide and seek on a wet day. In front, what was once, doubtless, a green, is cut up into greens; to wit, a vegetable garden, where the onions, turnips, and potatoes grow cosily up to the very door- sill ; the utilitarian aspect of it all being varied by some scarlet-runners and a scattering of poppies on either side of the path. The Belgian hares have their habitation in a corner fifty feet distant; one large inclosure for poultry lies just outside the sweetbriar hedge ; the others, with all the houses and coops, are in the meadow at the back, where also our tumbler pigeons are kept. Phoebe attends to the poultry ; it is her department. Mr. Heaven has neither the force nor the finesse required, and the gentle reader who thinks these qualities unneeded in so humble a calling has only to spend a few days at Thornycroft to be convinced. Mrs. Heaven would be of use, but she is dressing the Square Baby in the morning and putting him to bed at night just at the hours when the feathe...


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  • 牧鹅女日记 The Diary of a Goose Girl