An Introduction to Matrices, Sets and Groups for Science Students

G·斯蒂芬森 G. Stephenson
写给理科生的矩阵、集合和群简介(An Introduction to Matrices, Sets and Groups for Science Students)简介:
I highly recommend this Dover text as either a self-tutorial or as a quick review of matrices. I initially thought that a text for the "non-mathematics science student" might prove too elementary to be useful. It actually provides a thorough, concise (but not terse) introduction to matrices that is quite appropriate for undergraduate students in physics or chemistry. The sections on eigenvalues and eigenvectors, on diagonalization of matrices, and on functions of matrices were particularly good.
I am reasonably familiar with linear algebra and matrices and read this book partially for review, but more out of general interest. I was surprised at how effectively Stephenson managed in only 150 pages to explore key topics at some depth without sacrificing his tutorial style. I am puzzled that that this book is not better known. It is quite well-written and I give it five stars. The price is quite affordable and I don't believe that you will find a better overview of matrices at even much higher prices.

Don't be concerned that this is not a new book (first published in 1965). The matrix notation is modern and consistent with current textbooks. The author, G. Stephenson, was Emeritus Reader of Mathematics, Imperial College of Science and Technology, University of London.

I also recommend two other Dover reprints. Matrices and Transformations by Anthony Pettofrezzo is a more basic introduction. An Introduction to Linear Algebra and Tensors by M. A. Akivis and V. V. Goldberg is a good next step after Stephenson's text.



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  • 写给理科生的矩阵、集合和群简介 An Introduction to Matrices, Sets and Groups for Science Students