A Farewell To Arms

欧内斯特·海明威 Ernest Hemingway
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永别了武器(A Farewell To Arms)简介:
  As a youth of 18, Ernest Hemingway was eager to fight in the Great War. Poor vision kept him out of the army, so he joined the ambulance corps instead and was sent to France. Then he transferred to Italy where he became the first American wounded in that country during World War I. Hemingway came out of the European battlefields with a medal for valor and a wealth of experience that he would, 10 years later, spin into literary gold with A Farewell to Arms. This is the story of Lieutenant Henry, an American, and Catherine Barkley, a British nurse. The two meet in Italy, and almost immediately Hemingway sets up the central tension of the novel: the tenuous nature of love in a time of war. During their first encounter, Catherine tells Henry about her fiancé of eight years who had been killed the year before in the Somme. Explaining why she hadn't married him, she says she was afraid marriage would be bad for him, then admits: I wanted to do something for him. You see, I didn't care about the other thing and he could have had it all. He could have had anything he wanted if I would have known. I would have married him or anything. I know all about it now. But then he wanted to go to war and I didn't know. The two begin an affair, with Henry quite convinced that he "did not love Catherine Barkley nor had any idea of loving her. This was a game, like bridge, in which you said things instead of playing cards." Soon enough, however, the game turns serious for both of them and ultimately Henry ends up deserting to be with Catherine.
   Hemingway was not known for either unbridled optimism or happy endings, and A Farewell to Arms, like his other novels (For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Sun Also Rises, and To Have and Have Not), offers neither. What it does provide is an unblinking portrayal of men and women behaving with grace under pressure, both physical and psychological, and somehow finding the courage to go on in the face of certain loss. --Alix Wilber
   These dual Hemingways are the latest volumes in the Scribner Paperback Fiction series (Classic Returns, February 15, p. 187). They offer quality trade size editions, featuring attractive covers and easily readable type size. Two of the greats.海明威的小说《永别了,武器》初版于一九二九年,译成中文时初版书名为《战地春梦》,经人屡次影印翻版,到了解放初期,修订一次,改名《永别了,武器》。八十年代末再修订一次,距离原文初版,已有六十年了。其实海明威这个姓在一百多年前就已为国人所熟悉。海明威的嫡亲叔父威罗毕,百年前就来我国山西省传教行医,并且创办了有名的学府铭贤书院,造就了不少人才,特别是在财政金融界。威罗毕童年时代在农忙中右手食指不慎给玉米脱粒机轧断,经过八年艰苦奋斗,刻苦锻炼,终于成为一名技艺高超的外科医师。这件事在海明威家乡广为流传,甚至传说这位叔父曾经为西藏活佛达赖喇嘛治过病。所以海明威十二岁时,也曾一度梦想继承叔父和父亲的事业,当名医生。


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