Immigration Guide to the USA

亨利·G·李普曼 Henry G. Liebman
移民美国指南(Immigration Guide to the USA)简介:

In this book, author, Henry Liebman, answers the most common questions posed by his clients during his time as an immigration lawyer. His step-by-step approach to determining what visa you require and how long it may take to acquire will get you on the right track, while a calculation of the potential obstacles and an assessment of your chances of success will give you a firm idea of the reality of the situation. The book will also provide you with an understanding of the modern immigration system and help you to comply with all its requirements. As well as offering advice to individuals and families seeking a new life, it has all the answers for employers who are looking to staff a new or existing business by bringing their workers to America. After reading this book, you'll be able to choose the best immigration strategy to accomplish your ultimate goal - starting a new life in the USA.



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  • 移民美国指南 Immigration Guide to the USA