The Black Arrow

罗伯特·路易斯·斯蒂文森 Robert Louis Stevenson
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黑箭(The Black Arrow)简介:

This is Robert Louis Stevenson's historical romance set during the War of the Roses. It was a good adventure story following the adventures of Richard Shelton during the War of the Roses. Within this story we encounter knights, and a band of outlaws (ala Robin Hood). We have disguises, archery, battles, betrayal, revenge, friendship, honor, and love. What more could you ask for in an adventure?

Though it was a fun story, it didn't have the depth of plot or character that I look for in my reading. Instead we follow Richard on what seems an aimless journey of one adventure after another. Richard often finds himself in tight situations and just when he escapes he finds himself in another. Written like a serial (probably was), Richard seems to hardly have time to take a breath before something new and exciting is happening again. Although this type of writing is great for a serial, leaving the reader with a cliff hanger at the end of each section, it doesn't lead to a unified feeling within the work. I'm not saying I didn't enjoy the story and have fun reading it along the way; it is just that to me it seemed just a fun adventure story. It was fun to read, but didn't leave me with a lasting impression or emotion.


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