Proposed Roads to Freedom

伯特兰·罗素 Bertrand Russell
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通往自由之路(Proposed Roads to Freedom)简介:
One of the most highly-regarded political thinkers of the 20th century, Bertrand Russell's "Proposed Roads to Freedom" presumes that the Bolshevik Revolution (still very much under way as the book was published) would usher in a new social order which would spread throughout the world. In this rarely-seen book, republished for the first time, Russell weighs the respective advantages and disadvantages of Socialism, Marxism and Syndicalism.
"My own opinion - which I may as well indicate at the outset - is that pure Anarchism, though it should be the ultimate ideal, to which society should continually approximate, is for the present impossible, and would not survive more than a year or two at most if it were adopted. On the other hand, both Marxian Socialism and Syndicalism, in spite of many drawbacks, seem to me calculated to give rise to a happier and better world than that in which we live. I do not, however, regard either of them as the best practicable system. Marxian Socialism, I fear, would give far too much power to the State, while Syndicalism, which aims at abolishing the State, would, I believe, find itself forced to reconstruct a central authority in order to put an end to the rivalries of different groups of producers. The best practicable system, to my mind, is that of Guild Socialism, which concedes what is valid both in the claims of the State Socialists and in the Syndicalist fear of the State, by adopting a system of federalism among trades for reasons similar to those which are recommending federalism among nations."

This fine eBook is colorfully published in portrait orientation, footnoted on the pages where they are referenced, fully searchable and fully printable. Enjoy! (113pp)


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  • 通往自由之路 Proposed Roads to Freedom