Linux System Administration Recipes

朱丽叶·肯普 Juliet Kemp
Linux系统管理招数(Linux System Administration Recipes)简介:

The job of Linux systems administrator is interrupt-driven and requires constant learning in byte-wise chunks. This book gives solutions to modern problems, even some you might not have heard of, such as scripting LDAP, making Mac clients play nice with Linux servers, and backup, security, and recovery scripts. Author Juliet Kemp takes a broad approach to scripting using Perl and bash, and all scripts work on Debian or Red Hat lineage distributions. Plus she dispenses wisdom about time management, dealing with desperate colleagues, and how to avoid reinventing the wheel!

  • Learn how to love LDAP scripting and NFS tuning
  • Make Perl serve you: don't be enslaved by Perl
  • Learn to change, craft, and feel empowered by recipes that change your life

What you'll learn

  • Centralize your network using LDAP and NFS
  • Speak the language of different file systems
  • Know when to use Perl or when to stick to sed and awk
  • Treat security concerns with Perl, bash, and intelligence
  • Learn how to trace errant system calls and misbehaving colleagues

Who is this book for?

System administrators in need of quick succor and guidance when interruptions prevent the smooth running of a network.



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  • Linux系统管理招数 Linux System Administration Recipes