The Handbook of Language and Gender

詹尼·霍姆斯 Janet Holmes
语言和性别手册(The Handbook of Language and Gender)简介:

"This extensive collection of articles is testimony to the continuing topicality and diversity of research in language and gender, spanning a wide range of disciplines, theoretical stances, and methodological approaches and examining gender in a vast variety of linguistic, sociocultural and group-specific contexts." Language in Society

"For anyone interested in the relationship between language and gender, this book is a must. It contains a multitude of fascinating articles on every conceivable topic, written by experts in the field. A veritable treasure trove!" Jennifer Coates, University of Surrey, Roehampton

"I did not think there was anything new left to say on the well-researched topic of language and gender. But the editors of this Handbook lead us through a host of new perspectives as well as providing the most up-to-date coverage possible of the more familiar topics in the field. The unique scope of the Handbook shows beyond any doubt the fundamental importance of gender in all aspects of our lives, both public and private. This is the most authoritative account of the field to date, and is essential reading for anyone with an interest in language, no matter what their background." Jenny Cheshire, Queen Mary, University of London

"This impressive handbook provides not only a thorough orientation in the interdisciplinary field of language and gender but also a presentation of the newest findings and theoretical reflections. Above all, it shows how stimulating studies on language and gender are for many other areas such as discourse analysis, sociolinguistics, anthropological linguistics, and related disciplines." Helga Kotthoff, Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg

"The ideas here will keep students, professors, and researchers busy talking and thinking for years to come. We're lucky to have such a diverse collection of perspectives, thinkers, and data; they will surely deepen our growing understanding of language and gender." Keith Walters, University of Texas at Austin

“One of the most satisfying features of the book is its all-encompassing coverage of just about every type of, and approach to, gender and language research.” Journal of Sociolinguistics



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  • 语言和性别手册 The Handbook of Language and Gender