Fifty Major Philosophers Second Edition

五十位主要哲学家 第二版
戴安妮·克林森和凯瑟琳·普朗特 Diane Collinson and Kathryn Plant
收藏和分享五十位主要哲学家 第二版:
五十位主要哲学家 第二版(Fifty Major Philosophers Second Edition)简介:

A comprehensive update of the best-selling first edition, this revitalized new text presents readers with a series of clear, well-written entries focusing on fifty of the most influential philosophers from the last two thousand years.

Chosen to present the traditional mainstream of European philosophy, the text also provides a critical survey that meets the needs of readers seeking a broad basic understanding as well as a foundation for further philosophical enquiry.

Encompassing a wide range of ancient, medieval and modern philosophers, features of the second edition include:

* new entries on Dewey, Collingwood, Popper, Quine, Merleau-Ponty, Ayer and Rawls

* a thorough revision of existing entries

* a complete update of the further reading section

* an expanded glossary

* the addition of an alphabetical table of contents and an index for ease of use.

Authoritative and highly readable, this book is a vital reference tool for all those wishing to improve their understanding of some of the worlds most fascinating intellectual figures.



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  • 五十位主要哲学家 第二版 Fifty Major Philosophers Second Edition