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詹姆斯·C·弗纳尔德 James C. Fernald
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英语同义词和反义词(English Synonyms and Antonyms)简介:

A Practical and Invaluable Guide to Clear and Precise Diction for Writers, Speakers, Students, Business Persons and Professionals

Fernald’s acclaimed dictionary of synonyms and antonyms provides detailed articles discriminating the shades in meaning and usage between synonyms. Now, for the first time, it is available in the Kindle electronic dictionary format with the integrated index and excellent navigation – just type in a word to see the list of available articles or select a letter in the table of contents to read it as a regular book. See the screenshots for illustration.

Based on the 28th edition published by Funk & Wagnalls Company in 1914; significantly revised, updated, and adapted for the electronic use by OSNOVA in 2009.

What others have said about Ferndald’s work:
"The work is likely to prove of great value to all writers."—Washington Evening Star.
"The book will receive high appreciation from thoughtful students who seek the most practical help."—Grand Rapids Herald.
"It is written in a clear and pleasing style and so arranged that but a moment's time is needed to find any line of the hundreds of important though small words which this book discusses."—Chattanooga Times.
"Its practical reference value is great, and it is a great satisfaction to note the care and attention to detail and fine shades of meaning the author has bestowed upon the words he discusses."—Church Review, Hartford.
"A work of great practical helpfulness to a large class of people."—Louisville Courier-Journal.
"This is one of the most useful books for writers, speakers, and all who care for the use of language, which has appeared in a long time."—Cumberland Presbyterian, Nashville.

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