Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Fourth Edition

工程师和科学家必备技能之MATLAB 第4版
布赖恩·哈恩 Brian Hahn
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工程师和科学家必备技能之MATLAB 第4版(Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Fourth Edition)简介:

"This book provides an excellent initiation into programming in MATLAB while serving as a teaser for more advanced topics. It provides a structured entry into MATLAB programming through well designed exercises." - Carl H. Sondergeld, Professor and Curtis Mewbourne Chair, Mewbourne School of Petroleum and Geological Engineering, University of Oklahoma

"This updated version continues to provide beginners with the essentials of Matlab, with many examples from science and engineering, written in an informal and accessible style. The new chapter on algorithm development and program design provides an excellent introduction to a structured approach to problem solving and the use of MATLAB as a programming language." - Professor Gary Ford, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of California, Davis

"For a while I have been searching for a good MATLAB text for a graduate course on methods in environmental sciences. I finally settled on Hahn and Valentine because it provides the balance I need regarding ease of use and relevance of material and examples." - Professor Wayne M. Getz, Department Environmental Science Policy & Management, University of California at Berkeley

"This book is an outstanding introductory text for teaching mathematics, engineering, and science students how MATLAB can be used to solve mathematical problems. Its intuitive and well-chosen examples nicely bridge the gap between prototypical mathematical models and how MATLAB can be used to evaluate these models. The author does a superior job of examining and explaining the MATLAB code used to solve the problems presented." - Professor Mark E. Cawood, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Clemson University

"This has proved an excellent book for engineering undergraduate students to support their first studies in Matlab. Most of the basics are covered well, and it includes a useful introduction to the development of a Graphical User Interface." - Mr. Kenneth Rotter, Course Director, BSc Computer Aided Engineering, London South Bank University

" a very useful book to function as a further level of instructions for scientific and engineering Matlab users. It is full of practical examples with explanations, and they are easy to understand. The topics cover many typical numerical and graphic handling techniques for better mastering the Matlab package." - Dr. William Wang, Senior Lecturer in Engineering, University of Sussex



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  • 工程师和科学家必备技能之MATLAB 第4版 Essential MATLAB for Engineers and Scientists, Fourth Edition