The Unknown Marx

高久·大石 Takahisa Oishi
马克思不为人知的一面(The Unknown Marx)简介:

The Unknown Marx is an incisive critique of the way the West has revised and interpreted Marxist theory. Takahisa Oishi argues that Engels’ and Lenin’s summaries of Marx’s system have now been taken by Western societies to represent the sum total of Marx’s philosophy. By returning Marx’s original writings, Oishi reveals the essential limitations of Engels’ and Lenin’s interpretations, and presents a fresh reexamination of the theories of one of the world’s most influential political philosophers. By departing from Western and Stalinist approaches to Marxism, Oishi attempts to see Marx's writing in the way Marx saw it. In doing so, Oishi gives unique insight into the essence of what we think we know about Marx, evaluating the systematic forms of interpretation which have emerged along with encroaching capitalism. An insightful, highly controversial interpretation of the grand narratives about Marx.



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  • 马克思不为人知的一面 The Unknown Marx