詹姆斯·帕特森 James Patterson
Beach bum Ned Kelly, a part-time lifeguard, pool guy and errand runner in Palm Beach, Fla., has just scored with beautiful, rich Tess McAuliffe. Life sure is looking up, especially from his days back in chilly South Boston. He's looking forward to another round with Tess, but first he has to help some smalltime hoodlum pals commit a $60-million art heist. It's supposed to be an easy job, but everything goes to hell梩he paintings they were after weren't even there梐nd soon enough his pals are all dead, as is Tess. Ned goes on the run, accused of the murders and the heist as well. He flees back to Boston, but gets caught by cute-as-a-button FBI agent Ellie Shurtleff, assigned to investigate the case for the agency's Art Theft and Fraud department. After some rough stuff, he takes her hostage and in short order they've bonded. Ellie can see that Ned's a good guy who could never have committed the crimes he's charged with, so the two of them join forces to bring down the actual thieves and killers. It's a twisty story that will engage the interest of beach-goers everywhere, whose sun-addled brains will put up with pedestrian writing and an improbable plot just to find out exactly whodunit and why.
Copyright ?Reed Business Information, a division of Reed Elsevier Inc. All rights reserved. 危险并非掩藏在水中。 奈德?#20975;利,佛罗里达休闲胜地的一名海滩救生员,无意中遇到了他的梦中情人。 身份悬殊!一个崇尚鱼子酱和玛诺罗的高跟鞋,一个则喜欢汉堡和夹脚趾的凉鞋。 想攀高枝的奈德很无奈,因此当他的表兄米奇请他加一次报酬丰盈的行动时,他毫不犹豫。入室偷盗。风险很高,回报更高棗数百万美元厖 然而那个晚上一切出乎意料,他们落入圈套,所有的伙伴被残忍的谋杀,奈德是唯一的幸存者,他成为FBI与幕后职业杀手的双重目标。追捕追猎,分分秒秒,心惊肉跳。 真相寸寸揭开厖



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