Wine Production: Vine to Bottle

基斯·格兰杰 Keith Grainger
葡萄酒酿造:从藤蔓到葡萄酒(Wine Production: Vine to Bottle)简介:

The standard of wines made today is arguably higher than any time in the six thousand years of vinous history. The level of knowledge of producers and the ability to control the processes in wine production is also greatly improved.Authors Keith Grainger and Hazel Tattersall detail these processes, from vine to bottle, looking at key factors such as geography, winemaking techniques, the impact of decisions made upon style and quality, and problems that may be encountered. The authors are not afraid to discuss practices that may be regarded as controversial.Highly regarded consultants to the wine industry, Grainger and Tattersall present a clear and accessible handbook:Bullet pointsVineyard and winery photographsDiagramsText boxesWine Production: Vine to Bottle is a concise and easy-to-use reference guide for all busy food and beverage industry professionals, students and others needing a working knowledge of wine production.



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  • 葡萄酒酿造:从藤蔓到葡萄酒 Wine Production: Vine to Bottle