Present Your Way to the Top

大卫·登普西 David Dempsey
演讲助你成功(Present Your Way to the Top)简介:

This is a great resource for speakers. Along with Nick Morgan I think David Dempsey is perhaps the best author on the subject.

HOWEVER - if you are a David Dempsey fan - be warned that this is simply a reprint (by a new publisher) of his 2006 book "Better to Best: How to Speak for Extraordinary Results... Every Time!". Have a look at the reviews under that title for more information but don't make the mistake of adding this to your library if you already have the other book.

By the way - Nick Morgan is guilty of the same thing - "Work the Room" and "Give your Speech" are the same book, though the latter is paperback, and former hardback.

I hate when books are reprinted with different titles. Ironically, the most likely to be fooled are the biggest fans of the authors who may inadvertendly buy a "new" book" immediately because they like the author.

Having got that off my chest, I would recommend any speaker have a copy of this book (in either edition) in their collection. It doesn't repeat all the usual cliched tips that most books on the subject do, but is full of wise, original and tried and tested guidance regardless of whether you're a total beginner or a veteran. Each section is quite short and can be dipped into as a reference rather than having to read it all at once.



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