A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture

迈克尔·哈特韦 Michael Hattaway
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新编英国文艺复兴时期文学和文化参考(A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture)简介:

In this revised and greatly expanded edition of the Companion, 80 scholars come together to offer an original and far-reaching assessment of English Renaissance literature and culture.



  • A new edition of the best-selling Companion to English Renaissance Literature, revised and updated, with  22 new essays and 19 new illustrations
  • Contributions from some 80 scholars including Judith H. Anderson, Patrick Collinson, Alison Findlay, Germaine Greer, Malcolm Jones, Arthur Kinney, James Knowles, Arthur Marotti, Robert Miola and Greg Walker
  • Unrivalled in scope and its exploration of unfamiliar literary and cultural territories the Companion offers new readings of both ‘literary’ and ‘non-literary’ texts
  • Features essays discussing material culture, sectarian writing, the history of the body, theatre both in and outside the playhouses, law, gardens, and ecology in early modern England
  • Orientates the beginning student, while providing advanced students  and faculty with new directions for their research
  • All of the essays from the first edition, along with the recommendations for further reading, have been reworked or updated



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  • 新编英国文艺复兴时期文学和文化参考 A New Companion to English Renaissance Literature and Culture