Dealing with Difficult People Revised Version

搞定难对付的人 修订版
罗伊·C·利利 Roy C. Lilley
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搞定难对付的人 修订版(Dealing with Difficult People Revised Version)简介:

Workplaces are filled with all types of people, and some of them can be very difficult to get along with.  By understanding difficult people and their behaviors, a savvy individual can resolve the awkward and problematic situations created by difficult people.

Dealing with Difficult People looks at difficult behavior – what drives it and how to cope with it.  Issues Roy Lilley discusses include: recognizing the seven types of difficult person, handling aggressive people, handling conflict, motivating lazy colleagues, dealing with difficult customers, and handling complaints.

Practical and accessible, this book is recommended for managers looking to improve performance, sales people looking to win more business, or anyone who has to deal with difficult colleagues or the public.



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  • 搞定难对付的人 修订版 Dealing with Difficult People Revised Version