A Brief History Of Time

史蒂芬·霍金 Stephen Hawking
时间简史(A Brief History Of Time)简介:
A Brief History of Time is a popular science book written by Stephen Hawking and first published by the Bantam Dell Publishing Group in 1988.[1] It became a best-seller and has sold more than 9 million copies. It was also on the London Sunday Times best-seller list for more than four years.[2]

There is also a documentary by the same name, directed by Errol Morris and released in 1991. Unlike the book, the documentary is primarily a biography of Stephen Hawking.

A Brief History of Time attempts to explain a range of subjects in cosmology, including the Big Bang, black holes, light cones and superstring theory, to the nonspecialist reader. Its main goal is to give an overview of the subject but, unusual for a popular science book, it also attempts to explain some complex mathematics. The author notes that an editor warned him that for every equation in the book the readership would be halved, hence it includes only a single equation: E = mc? In addition to Hawking's abstinence from equations, the book also simplifies matters by means of illustrations throughout the text, depicting complex models and diagrams.尽管霍金教授的著述极为清晰而机智,有些读者仍然觉得难以掌握复杂的概念。为了使读者加深理解,《时间简史》还增加了240多幅彩色插图,包括卫星图像和照片。这些都应归功于诸如哈勃空间望远镜和电脑三维和四维实体成像等技术进步之赐。详细的插图说明使读者能体验到星系际太空的广漠、黑洞的奇妙性质以及物质和反物质碰撞的粒子物理的微观世界。作为一本飨以读者宇宙学的最新理解的经典著作,《时间简史》插图本是探索时间和空间核心秘密的引人入胜的故事。


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