The Chronicles of Narnia Ⅴ The Horse and His Boy

C·S·路易斯 C. S. Lewis
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纳尼亚传奇Ⅴ马和男孩(The Chronicles of Narnia Ⅴ The Horse and His Boy)简介:
The Horse and His Boy is a novel by C. S. Lewis. It was published in 1954, making it the fifth of seven books published in Lewis' series The Chronicles of Narnia. The books in this series are sometimes ordered chronologically in relation to the events in the books as opposed to the dates of their original publication. In this alternate ordering, The Horse and His Boy is the third book, being a midquel of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Although it was published after The Silver Chair (due to Lewis not wanting to break up the Caspian triad), it was written before it, so in written order it is fourth. The story is also referred to as a story-within-a-story in the fourth published book, The Silver Chair. The Horse and His Boy is the only Narnia book which does not feature children from our world as the story's main characters, although the adult Queen Lucy, Queen Susan, and King Edmund (all of whom first appear in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe) do appear in the book, and the dynamics of the story develop from Susan's interactions. Peter, the High King, does not appear in the book but is mentioned.

A young boy called Shasta is found as a baby and raised by Arsheesh, a Calormene fisherman. As the story begins, Shasta overhears Arsheesh agreeing to sell him to a powerful Calormene feudal noble. Shasta has never really loved the fisherman (and vice versa) and is relieved to discover that he is not really Arsheesh's son, and awaits his new master in the donkey stable outside the fisherman's house. The noble's stallion, Bree, astounds Shasta by speaking to him, and suggesting that they escape a life of servitude together by riding north for Narnia. They meet another pair of escaping travellers, Aravis, a young Calormene aristocrat, and her talking horse, Hwin. Aravis is fleeing a forced marriage to the Tisroc's grand vizier.

The four must travel through Tashbaan, the bustling capital city of Calormen. There they encounter a procession of visiting Narnian royalty, who mistake Shasta for Corin, a prince of Archenland, who has disappeared from their group earlier that day. Shasta is too scared to protest, and goes with the Narnians. He overhears them discussing their escape from Tashbaan and Calormen in order to prevent Rabadash from forcing Queen Susan to marry him. When Shasta is alone, the real Prince Corin reappears and Shasta escapes.

Meanwhile, Aravis has been spotted by her noblewoman friend Lasaraleen and must ask Lasaraleen to not only keep silent about Aravis's identity but help her escape. Lasaraleen agrees, although she cannot understand why Aravis would want to leave the life of a Calormene princess. She helps Aravis to escape through the palace, but they are forced to take refuge when the Tisroc, Rabadash and the Grand Vizier approach. Unfortunately, they've hidden in the very room in which the men are about to meet. Aravis overhears the Tisroc and Rabadash discussing the Narnians' escape and the Tisroc giving Rabadash permission to invade Archenland in preparation for attacking Narnia, while the High King Peter was off to the north in battle with the giants there.

Outside the city, Aravis rejoins Shasta and the Horses. The four of them make an unpleasant journey across the desert and a pursuing lion (later revealed to be Aslan) frightens the travellers into fleeing swiftly enough to outrun Rabadash's army, allowing Shasta to reach King Lune in time to warn him of the approaching Calormenes. The Archenland army prepares their defenses against the Calormenes until a second army from Narnia can arrive. King Lune of Archenland recognizes Shasta as Cor, the long-lost elder twin of Prince Corin and therefore heir to the throne. Aravis and Cor live in Archenland thereafter and eventually marry years later. It is stated in tongue-in-cheek manner that the marriage enables them to argue more efficiently. It is also stated that their son becomes the most famous king of Archenland.这故事发生在彼得大帝与弟妹统治纳尼亚的时期,纳尼亚遥远南方有个极权好战的卡罗门王国,王国南端一个偏僻的小渔村中,贫穷男孩沙斯塔意外得知自己不是亲生,父亲还打算将他卖给路过的大公为奴。当沙斯塔在栓马处自言自语时,大公那匹马突然开口说话,原来这匹马噗哩是纳尼亚的能言马,被抓后一直隐藏身分。噗哩邀沙斯塔一同穿越沙漠奔向北方的自由国度-纳尼亚,于是马儿和男孩就展开他们的冒险旅程。


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