The Chronicles of Narnia Ⅱ Prince Caspian

C·S·路易斯 C. S. Lewis
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纳尼亚传奇Ⅱ凯斯宾王子(The Chronicles of Narnia Ⅱ Prince Caspian)简介:
Prince Caspian: The Return to Narnia is a novel for children by C. S. Lewis, written in late 1949 and first published in 1951. It is the second book in the Chronicles of Narnia series, although in the overall chronological sequence it comes fourth.

The two major themes of the story are courage and chivalry and, as Lewis himself said in a letter to an American girl, "the restoration of the true religion after a corruption". In all the Narnia novels, Aslan is portrayed by Lewis as a Christ figure. Aslan's father (the "Emperor-Over-Sea") is God the Father.

The new Narnia can be seen as a parallel to the modern world, with its dislike of both religion and the mythological imagination. Miraz forbids Caspian to mention the old stories "or even think about them". "Who believes in Aslan nowadays?" asks Trumpkin when he first meets Caspian. Those who "hold on", like the badgers, are praised.

Recently, it has been suggested that the story has parallels with Lewis's own life. Lewis's nursemaid told him folktales, as did Caspian's, and later Lewis had a hugely influential tutor, as does Caspian. Both lack mothers. In both cases "myth becomes fact" with the finding of what has been longed for.

The name of a minor character, Clodsley Shovel the talking mole and gardener, is a play on the name of the notorious 17th century British admiral Cloudesley Shovell, whose poor navigation was responsible for a disastrous naval shipwreck.从纳尼亚回来一年多后,在英国乡间的火车站,彼得、苏珊、爱德蒙和露西等搭火车前往各自学校。突然一股神奇的力量把他们抽离,回神后发现身在一个奇怪的地方,这地方有点熟悉又有点陌生,后来才发现他们又回到了纳尼亚,但却是在他们统治年代千余年以后的纳尼亚!他们在凯尔帕拉瓦宫废墟附近遇到一个名叫川卜金的矮人,经过他的解说,他们终于知道发生了什么事情。


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