The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir

比尔·布莱森 Bill Bryson
闪亮的日子(The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid: A Memoir)简介:
Bill Bryson was born in the middle of the American century—1951—in the middle of the United States—Des Moines, Iowa—in the middle of the largest generation in American history—the baby boomers. As one of the best and funniest writers alive, he is perfectly positioned to mine his memories of a totally all-American childhood for 24-carat memoir gold. Like millions of his generational peers, Bill Bryson grew up with a rich fantasy life as a superhero. In his case, he ran around his house and neighborhood with an old football jersey with a thunderbolt on it and a towel about his neck that served as his cape, leaping tall buildings in a single bound and vanquishing awful evildoers (and morons)—in his head—as "The Thunderbolt Kid."

Using this persona as a springboard, Bill Bryson re-creates the life of his family and his native city in the 1950s in all its transcendent normality—a life at once completely familiar to us all and as far away and unreachable as another galaxy. It was, he reminds us, a happy time, when automobiles and televisions and appliances (not to mention nuclear weapons) grew larger and more numerous with each passing year, and DDT, cigarettes, and the fallout from atmospheric testing were considered harmless or even good for you. He brings us into the life of his loving but eccentric family, including affectionate portraits of his father, a gifted sportswriter for the local paper and dedicated practitioner of isometric exercises, and OF his mother, whose job as the home furnishing editor for the same paper left her little time for practicing the domestic arts at home. The many readers of Bill Bryson’s earlier classic, A Walk in the Woods, will greet the reappearance in these pages of the immortal Stephen Katz, seen hijacking literally boxcar loads of beer. He is joined in the Bryson gallery of immortal characters by the demonically clever Willoughby brothers, who apply their scientific skills and can-do attitude to gleefully destructive ends.

Warm and laugh-out-loud funny, and full of his inimitable, pitch-perfect observations, The Life and Times of the Thunderbolt Kid is as wondrous a book as Bill Bryson has ever written. It will enchant anyone who has ever been young.   《闪亮的日子》是畅销英语作家比尔·布莱森的最新力作。在这部典型美国童年回忆录的金装范本中,作者凭着非凡的记忆生动幽默地为读者展开了上个世纪五十年代美国的生活画卷。布莱森1951年出生于美国中部城市得梅因,属于美国婴儿潮一代。他的成长经历充斥着对超人的无限遐想。曾几何时,身着带有闪电图样的旧球衣,颈挂毛巾斗蓬的布莱森在自家院子内外疯跑,幻想一跃而过高楼大厦,除尽邪恶无能之辈,还给自己一个“霹雳小子”的名号。他带领读者进入一个爱意浓浓却又不同寻常的家庭:为当地报纸写体育新闻的天才作家父亲,担当同一份报纸家装类文字编辑却无暇顾及自家的家居艺术的母亲。通过人物塑造,比尔·布莱森重现了超验主义影响下的美国家庭生活和城市风貌——与我们如此贴近,却又遥不可及。


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