Cognitive Science: A Philosophical Introduction

罗马·哈雷 Rom Harre
认知科学:阿哲学简介(Cognitive Science: A Philosophical Introduction)简介:
This is the first major textbook to offer a truly comprehensive review of cognitive science in its fullest sense. Ranging across artificial intelligence models and cognitive psychology through to recent discursive and cultural theories Rom Harré offers a breathtakingly original yet accessible integration of the field. At its core this textbook addresses the question "is psychology a science?" with a clear account of scientific method and explanation and their bearing on psychological research.

A pivotal figure in psychology and philosophy for many decades Rom Harré has turned his unmatched breadth of reference and insight for students at all levels. Whether describing, language, categorization, memory, the brain or connectionism the book always links our intuitions about beliefs, desires and their social context to the latest accounts of their place in computational and biological models.

Fluently written and well structured, this an ideal text for students. The book is divided into four basic modules, with three lectures in each; the reader is guided with helpful learning points, study and essay questions and key readings for each chapter.



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  • 认知科学:阿哲学简介 Cognitive Science: A Philosophical Introduction