The Man Who Loved Only Numbers

保罗·霍夫曼 Paul Hoffman
只喜欢数字的人(The Man Who Loved Only Numbers)简介:
The peripatetic Hungarian mathematician Paul Erdos (1913­1996) was renowned for his almost total concentration on his work. Hoffman describes him as "a mathematical monk" who renounced physical pleasure and material possessions for an ascetic, contemplative life, a life devoted to uncovering mathematical truth. This he did in 1,475 papers that he wrote or co-authored with 485 collaborators--more than any other mathematician has produced and a landmark that has given rise to the cherished "Erdos number." An Erdos co-author's number is 1; a mathematician who has published with someone who was an Erdos co-author is a 2, and so on in widening circles to infinity for everyone who has never written a mathematical paper. Hoffman is among those at infinity, but he describes Erdos's life and eccentricities engagingly and deals comprehensively with the great man's mathematical work.



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  • 只喜欢数字的人 The Man Who Loved Only Numbers