Handbook on International Trade Policy

威廉·A·科尔和詹姆斯·D·盖斯福德 William A. Kerr and James D. Gaisford
国际贸易政策手册(Handbook on International Trade Policy)简介:
"The Handbook on International Trade Policy" is an insightful and comprehensive reference tool focusing on trade policy issues in the era of globalization. Each specially commissioned chapter deals with important international trade issues, discusses the current literature on the subject, and explores major controversies. The Handbook also directs the interested reader to further sources of information. The expert contributors cover both traditional and more current concerns including: history of thought on trade policy; the development of multilateral organizations such as the World Trade Organization; border restrictions and subsidies; regional trade agreements; trade and the environment; animal, plant and food safety measures; and, international protection of intellectual property and sanctions.Presenting a broad and state-of-the-art perspective on the topic, this highly accessible Handbook will prove an invaluable resource to researchers, academics, policymakers and practitioners concerned with international trade policy.



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  • 国际贸易政策手册 Handbook on International Trade Policy