Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management Essentials

伊万卡·曼肯 Ivanka Menken
组织行为学和领导管理必读(Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management Essentials)简介:

Organizations today must achieve excellence in human relations, and that success starts with quality organizational behavior. This book covers organizational behavioral essentials, the individual and the organization, and key management tasks. Additionally, each key topic includes detailed information, providing hands-on experience.

This masterfully crafted introduction provides balanced coverage of all the key elements comprising the discipline of OB, in a style that readers will find both informative and interesting. This includes not only traditional topics such as personality, motivation, and leadership; but also cutting-edge issues such as Change Management, Trust Building, Reward systems, and KPI's for people participating in any group or organizational activity.

This book continues to gain popularity and covers the most relevant topics in organizational behavior today, such as TQM, reengineering, technology, empowerment, declining employee loyalty, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, virtual and boundaryless organizations, and 360-degree performance appraisals are included. Lively and informative, this masterfully crafted introduction to the field of organizational behavior (OB) condenses the essential elements of the field into a tightly focused presentation. Its concise format makes flexible enough to combine with cases, readings, and experiential materials.


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  • 组织行为学和领导管理必读 Organizational Behavior and Leadership Management Essentials