Great Leadership: What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World

安东尼·贝尔 Antony Bell
优秀的领导能力(Great Leadership: What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World)简介:

How does one learn leadership? Business schools don't teach it, and few top leaders have mentors. History's great leaders have contributed to the literature of leadership. And some of the best business minds have written brilliant tomes on the subject. But how does a good leader who wants to become great make the best use of this vast body of knowledge?

Leadership scholar and executive coach Antony Bell has integrated different elements of great leadership from the best thinkers and writers into one comprehensive, manageable source. In GREAT LEADERSHIP, he presents a coherent model that unifies the viewpoints, theories, concepts, and notions about leadership into a single easy-to-grasp, workable approach.

The book is embroidered with helpful graphics, real-life business stories, research studies, and quotes from a fantastic array of leaders and thinkers, ranging from Churchill and Faulkner, to Daniel Goleman and rock-star CEOs, to illustrate key concepts and breathe life into this thorough course on leadership.

Readers learn:
* How to develop within three leadership dimensions--organizational, operational, and people--to achieve a well-led organization
* How character and competence combine to achieve the heart, mind, soul, and talent of a great leader
* The key elements of an organization that are critical for bringing about real change in it
* How to improve the consistency of your leadership decisions
* How to use the book's framework to customize your own leadership development process

GREAT LEADERSHIP is for all C-suite leaders, mid-career managers, and entrepreneurs who want a framework to understand their organization, their leadership role, and how to prepare for challenges in the future.



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  • 优秀的领导能力 Great Leadership: What It Is and What It Takes in a Complex World