HR Magazine Guide to Managing People

人力资源管理协会 Society for Human Resource Management
人力资源管理指南(HR Magazine Guide to Managing People)简介:

For 50 years, HR professionals have relied on HR Magazine to provide perceptive, in-depth information on how to manage their organizations’ most valuable resource—people. Now, the best management selections from HR Magazine have been collected in the HR Magazine Guide to Managing People. This treasure trove of insights and practical tools helps you not only tackle the most pressing challenges in your own HR function but also train and educate other managers throughout your organization so they get the most from their teams.

In this timely, comprehensive volume, you’ll find quick, usable ideas to help you and your mangers:

• Recruit talented employees

• Manage diversity

• Motivate workers to excel

• Strengthen your workforce’s skills

• Assess on-the-job performance

• Address problem behavior in work teams

• Manage contingent workers

• Communicate effectively

A long-anticipated resource, the HR Magazine Guide to Managing People positions you and your managers to sharpen your organization’s competitive edge—by making the most of its workforce.



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