The Game

尼尔·史特劳斯 Neil Strauss
把妹达人(The Game)简介:
Are you just another AFC ("average frustrated chump") trying to meet an HB ("hot babe")? How would you like to "full-close" with a Penthouse Pet of the Year? The answers, my friend, are in Neil Strauss's entertaining book The Game. Strauss was a self-described chick repellant--complete with large, bumpy nose, small, beady eyes, glasses, balding head, and, worst of all, painful shyness around women. He felt like "half a man." That is, until a book editor asked him to investigate the community of pickup artists. Strauss's life was transformed. He spent two years bedding some fine chiquitas and studying with some of the North America's most suave gents--including the best of them all, the God of the pickup "community," a man named Mystery.
Mystery is an aspiring Toronto magician who charges $2,250 for a weekend pickup workshop. He is not much to look at: a cross between a vampire and a computer geek. But by using high-powered marketing techniques he's turned seduction into an effortless craft--even inventing his own vocabulary. His technique sounds like a car salesman's tip sheet: his main rule is FMAC--find, meet, attract, close. He employs the "three-second rule"--always approach a woman within three seconds of first seeing her in order to avoid getting shy. Other tricks: Intrigue a beautiful woman by pretending to be unaffected by her charm; also, never hit on a woman right away. Start with a disarming, innocent remark, like "Do you think magic spells work?" or "Oh my god, did you see those two girls fighting outside?" And finally, the most important characteristic of the pickup artist--smile.

After two years, Strauss ends up becoming almost as successful as Mystery, but he comes to an important realization. His techniques were actually off-putting to the woman he ended up falling in love with. And they never prepared him for actually having a relationship. After a while, he ran out of one-liners and had to have a real conversation. Still, The Game is a great read that may help some AFCs come out of their shells. 读过《把妹达人—那些坏小子教我的事(横扫全球畅销书榜,被誉为本年度最有看头的一本书!)》初稿的人都问过相同的问题:这是真的吗?里面写的事情真的发生过吗?这些人真的存在吗?所以我觉得有必要重申几句老话……以下所言全属真人实事。真的发生过。男人会否认,女人会怀疑,但是此书还是要呈现赤裸裸的、残酷的、令人不安的事实。我要在此先请求您的谅解。不要恨这些玩家……要恨就恨这游戏吧。谨以此书献给过去两年我在酒吧、夜店、购物中心、机场、杂货店、地铁和电梯里交谈过的千百位朋友。如果你正好看见此书,希望你知道我并没有在你身上玩游戏,我是真心实意的。真的,你不一样。我不会成为任何一种人:既非坏人也非好人,既非卑鄙小人也非正人君子,既非英雄也非懦夫。如今我在自己的角落里苟且度日,以尖酸与全然无用的安慰自我嘲弄:智者不可能故意成为某种固定的样子,只有愚人才会这么做。尼尔原本是个没有女人缘的书呆子,他能将《尤利西斯》和《圣经》熟背于心,却对异性交往始终不得要领。一通偶然的电话,把他拉上了“把妹求学之旅”。他说:“如果瘾君子要进戒毒所、暴力者要进抓狂管训班,那么社交白痴就该进把妹学校!”这样一头栽进把妹的世界里,跟一群把妹达人一起生活、玩乐、接受指导,用两年的时间,把自己修炼成社交高手,并将这段过程翔实记录下来,完成了这本观点独特且极具争议性的纪实小说《把妹达人》。书中揭露各家高手的把妹绝活,公开他们的钓人“公式”,绝对让你受益匪浅。作者还如实地讲述了他与好莱坞著名影星汤姆•克鲁斯、小甜甜布兰妮、时尚女王帕丽丝‧希尔顿以及寇特柯本的遗孀寇特妮‧洛芙都有过的那些难忘的故事。尼尔保证,本书能使男人获得重生,更颠覆女人对男人的认知!!!


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