Leadership and Management in Organisations: Management Extra

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组织领导和管理(Leadership and Management in Organisations: Management Extra)简介:

John Kotter of the Harvard Business School is one of a number of experts who believe that organisations are over managed and under led, at least partially because people do not appreciate the differences between management and leadership. We start this book by challenging mental models of leadership and management. Agility has become a prerequisite for organisations in a business environment that is characterised by change. Two trends in particular have been evident. First hierarchical systems of management are yielding to a "new leadership" movement which has at its core shared vision and individual empowerment in place of consistency and control. Second, leadership is no longer the preserve of those in positions in the management hierarchy. Increasingly it is dispersed through the organisation. By developing awareness of these and other influential trends, those who have a responsibility for leading and managing in some form will be better equipped to flex their style and to play the diverse roles required of the managerial leader in contemporary organisations.

* Explore ways in which you can build a culture of commitment, performance and learning
* Improve your influencing skills and the level of influence you hold with organisational stakeholders
* Use contemporary concepts and theories to analyse your approach to management and leadership and to identify areas for development



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  • 组织领导和管理 Leadership and Management in Organisations: Management Extra