Christianity: A Very Short Introduction

琳达·伍德海德 Linda Woodhead
基督教:简介(Christianity: A Very Short Introduction)简介:
At a time when Christianity is flourishing in the Southern Hempisphere but declining in much of the West, Linda Woodhead offers a bold new overview of the world's largest religion. In a fascinating and engaging fashion, she explores the cultural and institutional dimensions of Christianity, and traces its course over two millennia. Christianity addresses topics that other books neglect, for example the competition for power between different forms of Christianity, the churches' uses of power, and their struggles with modernity. Also considered is the recent charismatic explosion of this religion in Latin America, Africa, and the Far East. Woodhead concludes by showing the ways in which theose who previously had the least pwer in Christianity--women and non-Europeans--have become increaslingly central to its unfolding story. With up-to-date information enabling the reader to get into the skin of Christians and the beliefs, Linda Woodhead presents an old and frequently told story in a fresh and illuminating way.



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  • 基督教:简介 Christianity: A Very Short Introduction