Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction

史蒂芬·贝勒 Steven Beller
反犹太主义(Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction)简介:
Anti-Semitism has been a chillingly persistent presence throughout the last millennium, culminating in modern times in the horror of the Final Solution. This Very Short Introduction examines and untangles the various strands of anti-Semitism seen throughout history, revealing why hatred of the Jews appears to be so persistent through time. Steven Beller illuminates the history of the phenomenon: from medieval religious conflict, to the growth of anti-Semitism as a political and ideological movement in the 19th century, to the "new" anti-Semitism of the 21st century, as reflected in Holocaust denial and Islamic anti-Zionism. The author also discusses the role and attitudes of key figures such as Wagner, Nietzsche, and Marx, as well as key texts such as the forged "Protocols of the Elders of Zion." In short, this compact book offers an insightful account that underscores how anti-Semitism reached it its dark apogee in the worst genocide in modern history--the Holocaust--and how it still persists around the world today.



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  • 反犹太主义 Antisemitism: A Very Short Introduction