Encyclopedia of Protestantism

希勒布拉德 Hillerbrand
新教百科全书(Encyclopedia of Protestantism)简介:
Scholars from all over the world have contributed to these volumes filled with more than 1,000 lengthy signed articles, each with a bibliography. Editor Hillerbrand, from Duke University's Religion Department, proposes a definition of Protestantism as "whatever is not Catholic (or Orthodox)." This broad scope fairly well encompasses all manifestations of Christianity not otherwise categorized.
The encyclopedia offers a large number of biographical articles. Also here are entries on cultural and social issues, countries, institutions, movements, and theology as well as the expected coverage of denominations and "isms." According to the editor, there is something of a historical bias in the selection of topics and the way they are treated. This allows readers to see how the development of the various denominations and movements is tied closely to the social and political events surrounding their inception. Articles such as Abortion, Capital punishment, and Homosexuality, which present a balanced view of controversial areas, also have a historical dimension. These topics and others such as Civil rights movement and Homeschooling are enhanced by history's eye on what we might consider more exclusively "modern" concerns.

The first volume has a list of all the alphabetical entries as well as a thematic list of entries that broadly groups the topics. The fourth volume has an index, which includes the article titles as well as subsidiary topics. A list of contributors with their affiliations and the articles they wrote precedes the index, and an extremely useful and informative appendix containing statistical tables (which supplement a very nice article on statistics within the body) completes this work.

Overall, this is a very handsome set, well conceived and substantial looking. Its high price may make it a difficult choice, but it should have a place in any academic or large public collection. There are other encyclopedias that cover the subject of religion, but until now there has been nothing in English that can be said to concern itself exclusively with Protestantism.



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