Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship

弗朗索瓦·塞瑞 Francois Therin
技术企业家精神调查手册(Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship)简介:
Techno-entrepreneurship is broadly defined as the entrepreneurial and intrapreneurial activities of both existing and nascent companies operating in technology-intensive environments. Boasting rich conceptual and empirical contributions by leading international specialists, this highly original Handbook will prove an invaluable tool in advancing our understanding of the theory and practice of research in this emerging area.

The expert contributors initially explore the foundations of the field, clearly defining the parameters of techno-entrepreneurship. The key processes of techno-entrepreneurship are identified and discussed:

* commercialization strategies
* the balance between exploration and exploitation of new competencies * radical innovation
* corporate venture capital investment
* the mentoring of high-tech entrepreneurs.

The Handbook then shifts its focus to incubation and technology transfers, pivotal factors in the success of techno-entrepreneurship. Finally, in-depth case studies of leading e-business and biotechnology companies illustrate and substantiate the successful techno-entrepreneurship paradigm.

Providing a comprehensive, highly accessible and innovative first insight into the developing sphere of techno-entrepreneurship, this international study will be essential reading for postgraduate students, academics and researchers with an interest in management and entrepreneurship. Managerial and entrepreneurial professionals in high-tech industries will also find much to interest them within this Handbook.



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  • 技术企业家精神调查手册 Handbook of Research on Techno-Entrepreneurship