Applied Organizational Communication

托马斯·哈里斯和马克·D·纳尔逊 Thomas E. Harris & Mark D. Nelson
应用组织沟通(Applied Organizational Communication)简介:
Applied Organizational Communication provides a current, in-depth analysis of the theories and practices critical to understanding organizational communication concepts in a global environment. Exploring the diverse communication challenges in today’s organizations, this text:

Explains the impact of critical environmental influences on all levels;
Provides extensive discussion of teams, leadership, technology, listening, and interpersonal communication;
Offers current analysis, utilizing a broad base of information and research; and Establishes links between organizational communication and perceptions, theory, networks, and symbolic behavior.

Building on the successful foundation of the previous editions, this third edition has been thoroughly updated and revised to reflect the most current organizational communication theory and research. Features of this edition include:

Extensive real life examples and experiences
Grounding in transactional communication and advanced systems approaches
Macro and micro analyses of key topics and issues

As an accessible and practical examination of organizational communication, this text is intended for use in organizational communication, leadership, organizational development, and organizational intervention courses at the advanced undergraduate and graduate level.



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  • 应用组织沟通 Applied Organizational Communication