The Master Swing Trader: Tools and Techniques to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportun

艾伦·法雷 Alan Farley
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高明的波段交易师:发现并利用优秀短线交易机会获利的工具和技术(The Master Swing Trader: Tools and Techniques to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportun)简介:

Powerful Strategies to Slip Between Day Traders and Long-Term Investors--and Grab Hidden Trading Profits!

Located in the gray area between the lightning-fast day trader and the endlessly patient buy-and-hold investor, the modern swing trader executes intermediate positions that offer highly lucrative results with less volatility. The Master Swing Trader contains a wealth of practical insights and information for using this powerful trading method to profit from short-term price moves often missed by other market participants. After beginning with a detailed background on Pattern Cycle applications and the trend-range axis, The Master Swing Trader presents:
* Dozens of specific trading strategies and setups that include precise reward, risk, and stop-loss considerations
* Concrete tips, tactics, and workflows to make informed choices at each stage of short-term trade evolution
* The 7 Bells – unique tools to uncover high-probability short-term trading prospects

With more than 200 charts and dozens of proprietary setups that illustrate both classic and highly original short-term tactics, The Master Swing Trader doesn't leave your trading profits to chance. Coldly analytical and backed by real-time trading results, this proven course for short-term traders will help you improve your bottom line, lessen your risks--and increase your confidence in building solid profits in today's volatile markets!

Biased news stories spun by insiders to manipulate options prices…Questionable stocks pushed by analysts so their trading departments can unload bloated inventories … Quick-trigger day traders chasing the latest chat room buzz …

Today's top market players understand that our "efficient" markets are actually highly inefficient, driven by insiders with hidden agendas and an irrational pack mentality that has little to do with underlying value. Fortunately, this constant imbalance generates repeated, high-probability trade setups--and Alan Farley's The Master Swing Trader reveals how you can find and profit from these difficult-to-spot opportunities before they disappear.

Farley's innovative system is based on Pattern Cycles--shifting market stages that repeat in an orderly, predictable process through all price charts and time frames. These classic Pattern Cycles:
* Describe the machine language within market opportunity
* Reveal the origin of the trade setup
* Explain how to capitalize on inefficiency through every bull and bear phase
* Show exactly where to uncover consistent profit opportunities
* Offer natural methods to shift tactics quickly as conditions change
* Predict the impact of the emotional crowd on trend, range, and price development

The Master Swing Trader will help you apply Pattern Cycles to your advantage, over and over again. By encompassing virtually all market action, and revealing how price moves in a highly predictable manner, its powerful tools will give you the edge you need to take other people's money before they take yours.

In today's lightning-fast markets, open information makes profit opportunities decidedly more difficult to spot and capitalize upon--with the investing herd becoming far more skilled at spotting inefficiencies and closing them up quickly. The Master Swing Trader will teach you to recognize these trade setups one step ahead of the crowd, dive in for solid profits, and close out your position before the majority has even caught on.

Pattern Cycles are not easy or automatic; they require concentration, discipline, and skilled execution. But the payoff of these classic strategies is virtually unlimited. Turn to page 1 of The Master Swing Trader now, and open a new world of trading possibilities and profits--the world of the master swing trader!




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  • 高明的波段交易师:发现并利用优秀短线交易机会获利的工具和技术 The Master Swing Trader: Tools and Techniques to Profit from Outstanding Short-Term Trading Opportun