Power Selling: Seven Strategies for Cracking the Sales Code

乔治·路德维格 George Ludwig
强力销售:破解营销密码七种策略(Power Selling: Seven Strategies for Cracking the Sales Code)简介:
Power Selling distills the hundreds of strategies, techniques, and behaviors used by the world's best salespeople to seven strategies.
Every year, it seems, there's a new "can't fail" approach to selling. For sales professionals, that means more training sessions to attend, more workshops and simulations, and, of course, ever more pressure to produce. George Ludwig believes salespeople deserve better. He's spent the past 20 years observing and researching the most effective sales strategies in the world-from the phenomenal success of celebrities like Zig Ziglar and Dale Carnegie, to ordinary men and women who produce extraordinary sales results. These people must have something in common, Ludwig theorized. And like a tenacious scientist, he finally "cracked the selling code," as he describes it, by distilling and synthesizing hundreds of skills, strategies, techniques, and behaviors to seven core areas. Salespeople who are tired of theories and hungry for results will welcome this simple, powerful tool for achieving extraordinary sales outcomes. PowerSelling helps readers realize and appreciate their own power, including the power of:
* Reputation: including ways to invest and leverage their identity for increased sales.
* Real Passion: or how to direct their psychology and physiology for greater results.
* Research: how to diagnose prospects more effectively following the RPM Questioning Model.
* Rapport: how to engage prospects faster and with more credibility.
* Resource Management: how to utilize their primary "tools" to seize more sales.
* Resiliency: with advice on turning sales setbacks into sales comebacks.
* Relationships: or how to convert client satisfaction into unbreakable client loyalty. Asking readers to raise the bar on their personal best, Ludwig gives salespeople the tools they need to heighten awareness, change behaviors, and make the most of innate sales skills. Readers will also have access to a ten-minute online quiz to test their current proficiency of the seven powers.



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  • 强力销售:破解营销密码七种策略 Power Selling: Seven Strategies for Cracking the Sales Code