Frommer’s Virgin Islands 9th Edition

Frommer’s 维尔京群岛 第9版
达尔文·波特 Darwin Porter
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Frommer’s 维尔京群岛 第9版(Frommer’s Virgin Islands 9th Edition)简介:

One hundred or so islands make up the Virgin Islands group. Some are governed by the U.S., some by the British, and all offer green hills, the best temperatures in the West Indies, and some of the lowest humidity levels in the Caribbean. So if the answer to your Caribbean vacation question is the Virgin Islands, the next questions are where in the Virgins, and what to do once you get there. Toward that end, Frommer's Virgin Islands guide delineates the differences, in character and topography and overall ambiance, between the various islands, helping you select the destinations that suit you (and your budget) best. First, there's the choice between British and American, then there are criteria such as deluxe versus rustic, hopping nightlife versus quiet isolation, pristine beaches or vibrant snorkeling. The "Best Of" section further aids selection, with lists of exceptional beaches, snorkeling, dive sites, golf courses, restaurants, nature walks, honeymoon resorts, and places to get away from it all. Once you've chosen your island, you have but to browse the specific chapter to see hotels, dining, and sights, outdoor recreations, shopping, and nightlife. There's a brief history of each island, a look at the flora and fauna, and an essential Fast Facts page listing details such as area code, currency exchange, doctors, newspapers, and liquor laws. Why lug along a huge Caribbean tome? The slender Frommer's Virgin Islands volume offers more detailed information for less.


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  • Frommer’s 维尔京群岛 第9版 Frommer’s Virgin Islands 9th Edition