Frommer’s Memorable Walks in Paris 6th Edition

Frommer’s 难忘徒步旅行之巴黎 第6版
哈斯·H·默罗 Haas H. Mroue
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Frommer’s 难忘徒步旅行之巴黎 第6版(Frommer’s Memorable Walks in Paris 6th Edition)简介:

There are a million ways to see Paris: by taxi, by bus, from the numerous tourist boats that ply the Seine. But for a truly intimate experience of the City of Light, you can't do better than walk. Frommer's Memorable Walks in Paris packs a lot of Paris into its pages with 11 walking tours that cover the city's most colorful neighborhoods. There's the Latin Quarter, of course, and Montmartre, that hilly enclave of artists and radical thinkers. There's Ile de la Cité where the spires of Notre Dame soar and even Père-Lachaise, where luminaries such as Jim Morrison, Edith Piaf, and Oscar Wilde found their eternal rest. The book is divided into themes: Medieval Paris, Royal Paris, and Artistic and Literary Paris. A short section at the front gives an overview of the whole city and its neighborhoods, along with a map showing all the walking tours. At the start of each tour, there's a chart giving the starting and ending places, the length of time it takes to complete the tour, and the best and worst times to do it. Written directions are backed up with maps, and there's a historical gloss on every site you'll visit. With this little book, you'll get some gentle exercise, see parts of the city visitors on wheels might miss, and learn something about the history, the culture, and the geography of one of Europe's oldest and most glorious cities.


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  • Frommer’s 难忘徒步旅行之巴黎 第6版 Frommer’s Memorable Walks in Paris 6th Edition