Frommer’s European Cruises & Ports of Call 3rd Edition

Frommer’s 欧洲航行和停靠港 第3版
弗兰·维诺格兰德·格尔顿 Fran Wenograd Golden
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Frommer’s 欧洲航行和停靠港 第3版(Frommer’s European Cruises & Ports of Call 3rd Edition)简介:

A cruise is a complete vacation, so it's important that you choose the one that's right for you. Frommer's European Cruises & Ports of Call is the most user-friendly, opinionated, and informative guide you can buy before you set sail. Unlike other guides that try to cover cruises around the entire world in one volume, we focus solely on Europe in this guide, so we can bring you much more in-depth coverage.

Unlike those used in other guides, our rating system is simple. We break down the essential elements of a cruise experience (dining, activities, children's activities, entertainment, service, overall enjoyment, and overall value), and rate them from "poor" to "outstanding." Photos of each ship combine with the text to give a better sense of the very real differences among the various lines.

Frommer's European Cruises & Ports of Call covers 31 American and European cruise lines and 82 ships, with full details on itineraries, rates, cabins, crews, cuisine, activities and entertainment, children's programs, pools and spas, fitness facilities, passenger profiles, and more. There's complete coverage of 45 European ports of call, from the Mediterranean to northern Europe to the British Isles, discussing attractions close to the port, the best excursions (both organized and on your own), and the best shopping buys. You'll also get valuable tips on booking your cruise at the best price and getting a good deal on air travel to and from Europe.



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  • Frommer’s 欧洲航行和停靠港 第3版 Frommer’s European Cruises & Ports of Call 3rd Edition