Frommer’s Budapest & the Best of Hungary 6th Edition

Frommer’s 布达佩斯和匈牙利 第6版
安德鲁·普林茨 Andrew Princz
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Frommer’s 布达佩斯和匈牙利 第6版(Frommer’s Budapest & the Best of Hungary 6th Edition)简介:

Budapest, awakened in 1989 after its long slumber behind the Iron Curtain, is one of Europe's hottest destinations. It stands proudly at the center of Eastern Europe's cultural rebirth, and best of all, it still ranks as one of the continent's best bargains.

Frommer's Budapest & the Best of Hungary, 6th Edition has all the practical details and candid advice you need to plan a successful trip. This book has been completely updated to give you the best places to stay and dine, from historic hotels to intimate guesthouses and from grand cafes to atmospheric taverns and pubs. Explore the city's highlights on detailed walking tours and learn about the gorgeous architecture of both the city's famous buildings and hidden treasures. And of course, we've got all the details on Budapest's exciting nightlife, its vibrant arts scene, and its fabulous thermal baths and spas.

Then explore the best of the Hungarian countryside, where you'll discover sunburnt hillside vineyards and deep verdant valleys, lush cherry orchards, the riverside towns along the Danube Bend, the famous caves in Aggletek, and the shores of Lake Balaton. Our book puts it all at your fingertips, with a handy glossary of Hungarian phrases and detailed color maps.



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  • Frommer’s 布达佩斯和匈牙利 第6版 Frommer’s Budapest & the Best of Hungary 6th Edition