Frommer’s Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg 10th Edition

Frommer’s 比利时,荷兰和卢森堡 第10版
乔治·麦克唐纳 George McDonald
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Frommer’s 比利时,荷兰和卢森堡 第10版(Frommer’s Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg 10th Edition)简介:

  • A highly informative guide to a great trip in the Low Countries
    Leads travelers to the best of the Netherlands (almost 1 million North American visitors in 2001), Belgium (capital of the European Union and headquarters of NATO), and Luxembourg (which has more Michelin-starred restaurants per square mile than any other country)
  • Delivers the scoop on top cultural attractions in Brussels, Bruges, Amsterdam, Luxembourg City, and other urban centers
  • Reveals the best local experiences, from the forests and resorts of Belgium's Ardennes and the wine trail of Luxembourg to the windmills, tulip fields, and carnival celebrations of Holland
  • Thoroughly updated to reflect the latest changes in hotels, dining, and attractions


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  • Frommer’s 比利时,荷兰和卢森堡 第10版 Frommer’s Belgium, Holland & Luxembourg 10th Edition