E-Mail Selling Techniques

E-Mail 销售技巧
史蒂芬·希夫曼 Stephan Schiffman
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E-Mail 销售技巧(E-Mail Selling Techniques)简介:

The sales culture of the twenty-first century is one where decisions are often made on the fly, calls are not thought out, and communication is based on onscreen ramblings, hitting Òsend,Ó and seeing what happens next. While e-mail has made it easier for salespeople to communicate than ever before, itÕs crucial to your success that your message is clear, concise, and to the point.

Renowned sales guru Stephan Schiffman understands the unique benefits and challenges of using e-mail as a sales tool. E-mail Selling Techniques delivers dependable strategies to help you understand when and how to use e-mail to communicate with a client or prospect.

E-mail Selling Techniques offers essential guidelines for:

  • The proper length and format of sales e-mails
  • Advice on tone and content
  • Tips for writing attention-grabbing subject lines
  • Identifying when a phone call might be more appropriate

If you rely on computers and portable e-mail devices to do business, Stephan Schiffman will show you how to use technology to your advantage and get the deal done.



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  • E-Mail 销售技巧 E-Mail Selling Techniques